The “little secret” to make coffee more fragrant


Coffee culture has swept the world for a long time, and there are many people who love coffee, which can be seen from various cafes. Mocha, Blue Mountain, Cappuccino, Americano… Each coffee has its own unique taste and its own batch of diehard fans.


What is the difference between the coffee sold in the cafe and the coffee made by the three-in-one brewed bag? For latte, cappuccino and other coffee, the difference between the two lies not only in the variety of coffee beans, grinding process, etc., but the layer of fine and dense milk foam in the cup is also one of the signs of high-quality coffee.


Small bubbles, but great effects. In fact, adding milk foam to coffee is not only a decorative effect. On the one hand, milk foam can integrate the overall taste. When coffee, milk and milk foam molecules form a uniform combination, the taste of coffee will become better. On the one hand, the air flow wrapped in the rich milk froth is very small, which is very beneficial to the heat preservation of the coffee.


With this incomparable effect, milk frothers that can produce rich foam are gradually becoming popular. Complementary products. Moreover, the milk frother is usually very simple to operate, and it is very easy for users to get started.

Milk Frother

So, how to choose a milk frother? Here are a few practical ways to buy, learn about


Select by type

According to the driving mode, milk frother can be divided into two types: electric and manual. The electric milk frother can be divided into two styles: “electric stirrer” and “electric milk frother”; while the manual milk frother also has two options of “double-layer milk frother” and “skeke cup”.


electric stirring rod

The appearance is stick-shaped. The advantage of this type of model is that it is cheap and easy to obtain. Many chain coffee shops and store kitchens sell it in the kitchen area.  Perfect for making cold or hot drinks, and easy to clean after use.

When purchasing, you should also pay attention to whether the metal parts are easy to rust. It is more suitable for novices who have a low budget and want to try making milk froth at home.

Electric milk frother/electric milk frother

This type of milk frother is fully automatic and is constructed like a small blender with heating.  But the disadvantage is that the price is higher.


double layer milk frother

On the other hand, stainless steel cups are not easy to break and can be heated on an induction cooker.

In addition, choosing a style with a finer mesh can also help to make dense milk foam.

This is the simplest and most intuitive milk frother to use. Because it is extremely convenient to use and there is no risk of burns, even children can easily get started! However, if you want to drink hot drinks, you need to microwave the milk before using the shaker.


Choose according to the temperature of the milk

What temperature do you like to drink? Different styles of milk frothers have different suitable milk temperatures.

A good cup of coffee is worth a good time! It will definitely become an indispensable must for you. Prepare tools!


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