Why choose Royal electric wine openers?


Recently, I received an artifact that the public prefers, that is, the electric wine opener. Many people like to drink a glass of red wine elegantly at night, but the work of opening the bottle cap makes people crazy. It is to let boys open red wine. Bottle caps are also a laborious job, not to mention a girl who is helpless, it is simply too painful.


Wine Opener WO36C

The bottle opener I got is the Royal wine electric bottle opener, which has a very beautiful design. It has a very sense of design.  The design is very simple. There are only two buttons on the front to press forward and reverse, and there are no other redundant elements.


Wine Opener WO36C


Friends who are familiar with Royal must know that this is not the first electric bottle opener from Royal. Compared with the old bottle opener, the new Royal WO36C electric bottle opener is 5mm less in diameter and 35mm less in height. Exquisite is like a work of art, whether it is a gift or personal use, it is a very good choice.


As a power tool, only strong power can provide us with better convenience. Royal WO36C electric bottle opener motor gear box components are made of imported grease and carbon brush materials. In terms of battery life, the Royal WO36C electric bottle opener is equipped with a 500mAh lithium battery, which can open more than 60 bottles in a row, ensuring that even large banquets can easily open bottles without lack of power, and a single charging time is 2 hours. What do you think of such a high-quality, high-performance electric bottle opener?



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