Find out: Was the wine opener invented?


Bottle opening has always been a technical activity, but now we have all kinds of corkscrews that are much less difficult to open, but corkscrews weren’t in the early days of wine, and before that, there were only two ways to drink it.


First, put the cork into the bottle. Another way is to quickly cut the bottle with a knife. These two methods can not only preserve red wine, cork into the bottle may also affect the flavor of the wine.


The original inventor of the bottle opener is unknown, but it is widely believed to have evolved from the hook used by infantry. In 1795, British priest The Reverend Samuel Henschel, inspired by the cleaning of old rifles and ammunition, invented the simplest spiral conical corkscrew and formally patented the world’s first wine corkscrew.


Spiral conical bottle opener

T wine knife

Since then, more and more bottle openers have been invented in the world, including the bartender opener in 1882 and the Butterfly opener in 1888.  Bartender opener is portable, light weight and easy to use;  Butterfly bottle opener is easy to operate and labor-saving, often used for daily bottle opener.


In 1882, German inventor Carl Wienke created a seahorse wine knife called the “Friend of the Waiter”. The corkscrew is called the “Friend of the Waiter” because it has a folding knife for cutting hats and is small enough to fit in the pocket of the waiter’s jacket.  Waiters in almost every restaurant in the world use this corkscrew to open wine.


T wine knife

The hippocampus wine knife

Healy (H.S.Lee) invented the 1888 twin-wing bottle opener.  Introduced to the United States in 1930 and widely used by Italian designer Dominick Rosati.  Butterfly-shaped bottle openers, using the physics of lever principles, are simple and easy to use

hippocampus wine knife

The popularity of the drinking atmosphere means that every household has at least one or two bottle openers.  The energy-saving design of the lever principle makes it more convenient to open the wine bottle and brings more fun to the drinker.  Some bottle openers are designed with the designer’s sense of humor.

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